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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Conference on Photoalignment & Photopatterning in Soft Materials (PhoSM), we are delighted to welcome you to the forthcoming conference which will be held from Nov. 24 until 27, 2016, in Nagoya. The research field of "Photoalignment and Photopatterning in Soft Materials" covers highly interdisciplinary areas including photochemistry, photophysics, polymer chemistry, material processing, optics, equipment including light sources and systems. The 1st PhoSM in 2014 (Hong Kong) provided the valuable forum to discuss on fundamental researches and technical applications of photoalignment and photopatterning by leading theoretical and experimental scientists together. The 1st PhoSM was completed with a great success. Since then, significant progress of molecular photoalignment and photopatterning has been made not only in the LC devices and photonics use but also in OLEDs, solar cells and new devices, and discovery of novel alignment method for soft materials. The 2nd PhoSM program will feature cutting-edge presentations on a range of key topics. We look forward to seeing the photoalignment and pohotopatterning community gather in Nagoya that crosses historical and modern Japanese culture in November 2016.

Prof. Takahiro Seki,
Chair, Organising Committee

  • Synthesis and design of photoresponsive molecules
  • Synthesis and design of photoresponsive polymers and molecule systems
  • Photoalignment in LC materials and systems
  • Photomechanical deformation and photomechanics
  • Physics of photoresponsive soft materials
  • Photopatterning (surface relief gratings, photopatterning and nano-imprint etc.)
  • Physics and computer modeling of photoinduced effects
  • Instrumentation and processes (light sources, alignment and patterning devices etc.)
  • Technical applications (LC elements, OLED, solar cells, optical data storage and holographic memory etc.)
  • Other relating topics.

Co-organized by

Japanese Liquid Crystal Society

The Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ)

Supported by

The Japanese Photochemistry Association

Nagoya University

Nagoya University Program for Leading Graduate Schools Integrative Graduate Education and Research Program in Green Natural Sciences

Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research on innovative areas, MEXT, JAPAN
(Application of Cooperative-Excitation into Innovative Molecular Systems with High-Order Photofunctions)

Sponsored by

Tokyo Ohka Foundation for the Promotion of the Science and Technology

The Murata Science Foundation